BPA-free Buddeez 3 ½ Gallon

By | March 26, 2019

This rugged product is ideal for outdoor events where comfort and durability are critical due to the intuitive cooling system and robust materials.

1. Buddeez 3 ½ Gallon

The best thing about this drink dispenser is its easy handling. While many other manufacturers place their coolers under the primary beverage tank, it is difficult to exchange during an event. The ice cone of the Unbreakable is a removable part that slides from the top to the middle of the beverage tank. This ensures a more even cooling and is much easier to remove. Like the cooling container, the base of the dispenser is designed for comfort. It is a completely separate piece that snaps into place for use. A tap without drip allows easy use. It’s made up of Tomlinson, so shoppers can be sure that it’s BPA-free. The remainder of the product consists of stain-free Tritan, which is also BPA-free. The entire product is dishwasher safe.


Size: 12.1” x 12.1” x 19” Volume: 3.5 gal. Weight: 5 lbs. Primary Material: Plastic


This isn’t the biggest beverage dispenser you’ll find on the market, but its value is in its clever design. The removable base is a fairly common adaptation, especially in plastic dispensers, but it’s the Ice-Cone that makes this a worthwhile purchase. Provided the product does not have any manufacturing flaws, it allows hosts to enjoy a party with less effort than many comparably priced options. Still, since it’s plastic, it isn’t suitable for all occasions. The dispenser’s one major flaw comes from leaks and cracks. Most of these occur during shipping, and returns are fairly straightforward, but if the leak isn’t discovered until a party is in full swing, it can ruin a great day. These flaws are fairly rare, however.

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  • BPA-free
  • Ice-Cone for easy chilling
  • Removable base
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not glass
  • Only holds 3 gal. with ice
  • Frequent shipping damage

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