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Pure copper RawyalCrafts Water Tank

This water dispenser turns normal water into a health drink. This water tank made of pure copper is made entirely of metal. Unlike many other copper water tanks, it is not only plated with copper. The primary reservoir is solid. According to some health professionals, water stored in a copper container for about eight hours… Read More »

Double reservoir ActionFly Machine

This is the donor for you. Two reservoirs allow you to serve different tastes. As the size, material and weight suggest, this small donor is suitable for novelties for smaller gatherings. However, it can hold anything from water to spirits, so it is well suited as part of a mixed beverage arrangement. With two channels,… Read More »

Appealing design LANSH Glass

If you like taste and a properly chilled drink, but hate solid driftwood in dilute drinks, this dispenser is your dream. This dispenser contains two plastic inserts that make it easier to hold a breeze. One holds ice cream so your drinks stay properly chilled. Since it is inserted from above, refilling is easy during… Read More »

Separate base Home Essentials & Beyond

If you are considering serving more than one drink at your party, and you do not want to go cheap, these pretty donors will have your name. The quality of the glass in question is determined by the weight of the product. While they do not hold as much as many other glass donors, their… Read More »

Nice to look at Home Essentials Heritage

This charming glass dispenser adds a touch of rustic elegance to the scene. It keeps drinks chilled without creating a stain. Despite the appearance, the nozzle is actually not metal. It is simply painted plastic. While this affects the overall value of the donor, the reservoir itself is made of glass. When properly maintained, glass… Read More »

Adjustable tiers Jumbl Stackable

This donor is for the host who wants to give his guests the most options. It serves three drinks at the same time. This staggered system has three gallon reservoirs, each with its own spout and base. An ice reservoir nestles in the base and a lid covers the top reservoir. Each level can offer… Read More »

Extremely sturdy New Wave Enviro

This dispenser is simple, sturdy and elegant. He is hard to break and well isolated. Main material: stainless steel If you are looking for something that does not stand out, this is an excellent choice. Stainless steel looks good with everything, is easy to clean and is much harder to break than plastic or glass.… Read More »

Very attractive design Circleware Yorkshire

This cute and clear glass dispenser blends seamlessly with the décor, without cleaning it completely impractical. Although this donor is smaller than comparable prices, it is much more attractive. It would fit well in an industrial, rural or shoddy environment. The thick glass is sturdy and unleaded. However, it may not be dishwasher safe. Another… Read More »

Removable base Creativeware Unbreakable

This simple donor is easy to assemble and use and allows the hosts to participate in the party. It’s easy, practical and easy. This sturdy little dispenser is lightweight and easy to disassemble. The removable bottom contains a separate chamber for ice, which cools the contents of the dispenser from bottom to top. Through the… Read More »

BPA-free Buddeez 3 ½ Gallon

This rugged product is ideal for outdoor events where comfort and durability are critical due to the intuitive cooling system and robust materials. The best thing about this drink dispenser is its easy handling. While many other manufacturers place their coolers under the primary beverage tank, it is difficult to exchange during an event. The… Read More »